Pandemic has doubled laptop computer selling in Bangladesh

Dealers of Dell, ASUS, and many other foreign brands have said, the present coronavirus pandemic has doubled laptop computer selling. Local brand Walton has also reported a hike in laptop selling. Another foreign brand HP representative has reported that in recent months their selling was three times higher than normal. Software giant Microsoft has also […]

BTCL land telephone unlimited call facility starts from tomorrow

Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) has been consistently losing subscribers in recent years. Many subscribers are surrendering their BTCL land telephones, only two decades ago which was a symbol of social status. In a bid to retain old subscribers and attract new subscribers, state owned telecom company has revised its tariff. Now subscribers have to […]

Bangladesh can save more than 9,000 crore taka every year by moving towards digital transaction

Cash doesn’t last long, so central bank needs to reprint again and again. Destroying old bank notes and printing new banks notes are a costly process. Moreover securing and carrying cash with volts and armored vehicles are another costly, cumbersome and time consuming process. At present only 2.6 percent salaries are disbursed through digital platforms. […]