Such move violates fundamental rights: TIB

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) on Thursday expressed its concern over an international media report on the purchase of highly controversial surveillance technology from Israel by the Government of Bangladesh. In the absence of specific policies, the use of such technology would pose a serious risk of undermining several fundamental constitutional rights, the corruption watchdog said […]

Bangladesh’s Sara Hussain to head UN fact-finding mission on Iran

The fact-finding mission will “investigate alleged human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran related to the protests that began on 16 September 2022, particularly with regard to women and children”. The Human Rights Council, in a special session on 24 November, decided to establish an independent international fact-finding mission to be appointed by […]

People’s Liberation War

16 December. Our victory day Every year on this day we pay our respects to the memory of lakhs of unknown people whose incomparable sacrifices brought us victory in the 1971 Liberation War. Our freedom struggle was a people’s war. People from all walks of life, men and women, regardless of class or occupation, lost […]