Microsoft’s participation in digital innovation fair.

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Giant companies like Microsoft think about interest in every step. But in a recent three day

Digital Innovation Fair held at Bangabandhu Novo Theatre they demonstrated a number of free

products like mouse mischief, gaming software, auto collage, windows movie maker, KODU.

Microsoft says these products will help ICT based teaching and learning and students will

feel learning very interesting. Their products attracted huge attention of the visitors.

All the ministries of the government participated at the fair which was inaugurated by Prime

minister Sheikh Hasina.

Some IT experts are concerned that Microsoft will gradually force Bangladesh Govt. to stop

the use of pirated software. Almost every user here uses pirated software. As Bangladesh is

a poor country Bangladesh is exempted from intellectual property right law now. If we are

forced to buy original software it will harm our IT sector. So Microsoft’s initiative is not

welcome by all here.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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