The world’s bat lands are under attack, risking seeding a new pandemic. Where is here

Governments in West Africa have laws requiring environmental impact studies before approving large development projects. But no one requires developers and local officials to consider the risk of spillover, let alone change their plans considering the potential for deadly outbreaks. A growing number of advisors are urging governments to take outbreak risk into account. The […]

IMF team found flaws in three sectors

However, the organization also pointed to some challenges. These are: persistent inflationary pressures, increased volatility of global financial conditions, and aggravation of recession in major trading partners. The visit of the IMF team, led by Rahul Anand, the head of the organisation’s Asia and Pacific region, began on 26 April. Over 12 days, the team […]

IMF inquires about USD 3b pending from exports

According to the letter sent by IMF Resident Representative Jayendu Dey to the Commerce Secretary regarding the convening of the meeting, the agenda of the meeting was update on customs policy making, impact of trade agreements and agreements on tariff rates, digitization of customs administration. and technical assistance in the implementation of these programmes. According […]