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Telefilm ‘Bhalobasi Tai’ in DVD

Popular telefilm ‘Bhalobasi Tai’ had not long ago been launched in DVD in city. Presented by Airtel Bangladesh, the DVD was expelled underneath the ensign of Fahim Music.

The 90-minute film, ‘Bhalobasi Tai’, destined as great as created by Shihab Shaheen, facilities the clever expel of renouned actors together with Tisha, Arefin Shuvo, Bindu, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Hillol, Sajal, Meem, Aly Zaker, Aleef, Tania, Auni as great as Rosey Siddiqui.

The telefilm has so distant been the top rated programme of the year as per TV ratings conducted by Sirius Marketing Limited.

Airtel’s arch sales as great as selling military officer Abhay Seth, the conduct of selling Nauman Fakhar, conduct of MarComm Imran Aziz, media physical education instructor Zahed Hossain as great as Fahim Music’s renter Monir Hossain as great as the media physical education instructor DJ Harun, in between others, were benefaction during the rising ceremony.

The storyline of ‘Bhalobasi Tai’ upholds adore which brings people together. The thesis of the telefilm underscores Airtel’s code guarantee to capacitate those who adore any other, either they have been relatives as great as children, husbands as great as wives, or brothers as great as sisters, to be closer.

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