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A Musical Offering to Rabindranath Tagore

Marking 150th bieing born anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore this year, Jatiyo Rabindra Sangeet Sammilan Parishad (Dhaka metro branch) organised a programme featuring a Nobel laureate’s songs as well as communication during a categorical assembly house of Chhayanaut Sangskriti Bhaban upon Jun 10. The eventuality additionally noted 100th anniversary of “Geetanjali”, a Nobel Prize winning book by Tagore.

Litterateur Hayat Mamud spoke upon assorted aspects of Tagore’s hold up as well as his well read accomplishments during a event. Artistes of Rabindra Sangeet Sammilan Parishad achieved a chorus, “Antor Momo Bikoshito Koro”. Solo delivery of a strain “Jagater Ananda Joggey Amar Nimontron” by Shibesh Kirtania followed.

As “Geetanjali” was a budding concentration of a event, a performances — songs as well as recitation — highlighted a collection.

Tagore singers Iffat Ara Dewan, Lily Islam, Audity Moshin, Nasima Khan, Mojibul Qaiyum, Azizur Rahman Tuhin as well as Elora Ahmed Shukla rendered “Dhaye Jeno Mor”, “Tumi Nabo Nabo Roop-e Esho”, “Aaji Jhorer Raat-e”, “Probhu Toma Lagi”, “Amar Matha Noto Korey Dao Hey”, “Megher Porey Megh Jomechhey” as well as “Probhu Aaji Tomar” respectively.

Sukanto Chakrobarty, Abhaya Dutta, Mamun Zahid Khan as well as Pijush Barua additionally achieved solo.

Bhaswar Bandyopadhyay as well as Nishat Jahan Rana shouted excerpts from “Geetanjali” during a programme.

Choruses — “Ekti Nomoshkar-e Probhu”, “Kobey Ami Bahir Holem” as well as “Kon Alotey Praner Prodip” — were achieved by Saifullah Parvez, Mahua Monjuri Sunanda, Deepika Rani Das, Sadia Nusrat Noor, Farzana Poppy, Noor-i-Razia Momo, Nandita Sarkar, Nihar Ranjan Sarkar, Ashikur Rahman, Sumaiya Imam Ima as well as Sayeed Sujan.

Gautam Sarkar as well as Subir Ghosh upon tabla, Iftekhar Hossen Sohel upon set of keys as well as Almas Ali upon violin instrumentally assisted a singers. The programme wrapped up with a delivery of a inhabitant anthem.

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