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Bangladesh gets Lebanon Ticket

Bangladesh competent for a 2nd turn of a World Cup pre-qualifier with a goalless pull opposite Pakistan in a 2nd leg of the World Cup pre-qualifier during a Punjab stadium, Lahore upon Sunday. With a pull Bangladesh won upon 3-0 aggregate.

Pakistan forwards Arif Mehmood as good as Hussain Abbas along with midfielder Atif Bashir mounted substantial vigour upon Bangladesh counterclaim though a counterclaim dealt a assault with a cold headed approach.

Bangladesh played with a discreet 4-4-1-1 arrangement with Pakistan took a traditional 4-4-2 After a breather Adnan Ahmed’s twenty-five back yard explosion customarily went inches far-reaching of Biplob’s nearby post.

In a 52nd Biplob fumbled to fist a Mohammed Rasool looping shot though defender Ariful was right there to transparent a round to safety.

Substitute midfielder Abdul Baten Majumder Komol consumed Bangladesh easiest possibility in a 72nd notation when Zahid’s cranky from a right side found him unmarked in a box though Komol mislaid a control.

In a failing mins Mithun consumed an additional possibility after Mamunul Islam paved a approach for him with by from a midfield though Mithun shot loyal from an strident angle.

Bangladesh fool around Lebanon upon Jul 23rd as good as twenty-eight during Beirut as good as Dhaka respectively.

Bangladesh manager Nikola Ilievski brought dual changes in a personification eleven.Ilievski opted for defender Mamun Miah lazy Atikur Rahman Mishu as good as extrinsic Mithun in a place of midfielder Zahid in a initial eleven.

Bangladesh: Biplob, Mamun Miah (Mishu), Rezaul, Arif, Nasir, Mamunul, Shakil (Zahid), Raju (Komol), Linkon, Emily, Mithun.

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