British art historian visits Dhaka

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Charles Greig, a renowned British Art historian, scholar, censor as great as gourmet paid a latest revisit to Dhaka. Charles grew up in Africa as great as went to propagandize as great as University in England. After graduating he assimilated a excellent art auctioneers, Christies. Since 1984 he has worked as an eccentric art-consultant as great as academician specializing in sold upon paintings of a Indian sub-continent by 18th as great as 19th century European as great as Company School artists. He has been obliged for a arrangement of a series of considerable in isolation collections of such functions together with many of a many vicious during Daylesford House, Gloucestershire, England a residence before owned by a Governor-General, Warren Hastings. In a early 1990s he acted as art-historical confidant to a Calcutta Tercentenary Trust. In 2003 he assisted with a retrospective muster of a vicious landscape painter, William Hodges in London as great as during a prestigious Yale Centre for British Art, USA.

During a final couple of years he has been researching a work of Johann Zoffany in India as great as has contributed during length to a catalog for a muster ‘Johann Zoffany – Society Observed’ that non-stop during Yale in Oct 2011 as great as will pierce to The Royal Academy in Mar 2012. Charles has trafficked during length as great as often in a Indian sub-continent as great as has contributed impressively to a series of publications upon Indian painting.

Charles Greig visited Dhaka upon a investigate tour. Recently dual really vicious paintings upon Dhaka finished in 1787 by arguably a many critical European artist of a 18th century, Johann Zoffany, was identified as great as real by him that has combined utterly a prodigy in a art circles in a West. Charles was obliged for investigate as great as detrimental of these well-developed paintings, The South Gate of a Lalbagh as great as Nagaphon Ghat during Narinda that will be upon muster during a Royal Academy, London in Mar of this year.

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