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Civil suits in 61 districts goes digital

The civil suit management system in 61 districts will come under digitized system aiming at protecting public property in a better way and saving from grabbing by people who often use loopholes in the legal and monitoring process.

The land ministry last week signed an agreement with a private firm, Pranon Private Limited, to develop and implement the automated system of civil suit management, an official source told BSS Saturday.
According to the agreement, the private firm will start data entry to the system from November 1 when the district administration will be able to monitor public suits, track the progress of the legal procedures and pass necessary directives timely to safeguard state property.
Rangamati, Bandaraban and Khagrachari will, however, remain out of the system because the land management in these three hill districts is different from the other parts of the country, the source said.
Earlier in June this year, the system was introduced in Khulna district as a pilot project. Pranon Private Limited developed the software called ‘Digital Civil Suit Management System’.
KM Rezaul Karim, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), was involved in the automation process for the government side. He told BSS that the land ministry decided to introduce the system in 61 districts after its successful run in Khulna.
The system provides the authority concerned with necessary information and update about all cases related to state land and property. The information and update include general facts and figures of all cases, detailed information of particular cases, progress of all cases and court orders.
From this system authorities concerned can keep an eye on the steps of public prosecutors and pass necessary directives to the respective officials to avoid any loopholes in dealing with cases.
The system also generates automatically a daily cause list and a monthly report of the cases, which are very helpful in keeping the cases under regular monitoring, he said.
Besides, all information and services are accessible from the offices of authorized officials via internet using their unique user IDs and passwords for getting the services. The respective officials can also pass necessary directives online instead of going through the hassles of a lot of paper-works what they used to do before introducing the digital system.
Karim said there are some problems in dealing with the cases properly, which often resulted in losing legal battles in one- sided verdict, causing loss of government property.
He said different courts around the country are currently dealing with around 250,000 cases, related to the state property and land. But the number of lawyers is so limited that a lawyer should deal with 40 to 50 cases daily on behalf of the state.
“The new system, however, will make the jobs for the lawyers and the administration more easier than before by providing a digital database to deal with many cases at a time,” he said.
Karim, who is now attending a training programme on the system at the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) in the capital city, said the training would make the respective officials capable of using the automated system efficiently.
Inaugurated by Land Minister Md. Rezaul Karim Hira, the two- day training programme are being participated by over hundred officials from 64 districts, who would eventually be using the automated system at their work.
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