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Country may face net disruption from 2:00 am Sunday.

Now Bangladesh has only one submarine cable which connects the country to outside. A disruption on that cable means disruption on countries internet service.

The submarine consortium is going to change repeater-103 on the segment 1.01 of SEA-ME-WE-4 cable which is between Malaysia and Singapore Sea. Earlier the consortium wanted to do the repair work on 6th August, after request from Malaysia it was scheduled on 9th of August, but finally they have decided to do it on 7th of August.

In long distance data communication, electrical or optical signal becomes weak after certain distance. A repeater regenerates the signal for smooth transmission.

The repair work will be started after 2:00 am Bangladesh local time, because at that time data traffic from Bangladesh is minimum.

Though this repair work will take 5 days, backup connectivity from Italy’s Palermo landing station will be restored within two hours, and Bharti Airtel will also provide bandwidth from i2i cable.

Many telecom experts have been insisting to connect the country to a second submarine cable so that internet connection can’t be disrupted due to repair work like this or in case of accidental cable cut.

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