Kiss teacher, Mallika Sherawat

The social norm in the subcontinent does not allow kissing in public. Even lovers felt shy to have hand on hand. Now the situation is changing. Especially Indian film is playing the pioneer role in this region. Kissing is becoming much accepted than before. May be people liking to watch. It can also be said that Indian movie industry is exploiting this for their profit.

However, perhaps both are true. Few years ago many Indian actor and actress was denying kissing scene. Now it seems they are in competition. If one acts on a steamy scene, other tries to do more. It’s time for Mallika Sherawat to supersede Vidya Balan. Mallika Sherawat is familier with kissing scene, but her co actor Vivek Oberoi is not. It is reported that now she is giving tips to Vivek Oberoi so that he can perform it easily on Buddha Gardens in Delhi for the new film Kismat, Love, Paisa, Dilli (KLPD).

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