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Wahids to perform during Asian Food Festival in US

Singer Habib Wahid, along with his father Ferdous Wahid, has been invited to a Asian Food Festival in a US. The father as good as a son will be pulling off a corner action during a event.

“When I’ll be behaving with my son upon stage, I’ll feel really unapproachable given he’ll have it where his father once was. Now it is his spin to rule,” says Ferdous Wahid.
“The legal holiday will be hold in March, 2012. We will be withdrawal for a US upon Mar twenty-three as good as will perform during a eventuality upon Mar 25. The venue is Florida and we will theatre a singular show,” pronounced Wahid.
Apart from a tour, there is some-more headlines for Wahid fans. On a entrance Eid-ul-Azha, a audio manuscript featuring a soundtracks of Ferdous Wahid’s upcoming underline movie Kushumpurer Golpo will be attack a market. The manuscript that comes out from G-Series will enclose 8 songs. The album begins with a strain Shokhi tumi keno dekha dila, that has been sung by Habib.
“Apart from singing a song, Habib has additionally finished a combination as good as tuning for a number. The alternative 7 songs of a manuscript have been tuned by me whilst Tofi Renar has finished a strain arrangements for a tracks,” pronounced Wahid.
Apart from Habib, a manuscript facilities a numbers sung by Sabina Yasmin, Ferdous Wahid, SI Tutul, Milon Mahmud, Arefin Rumi, Nancy, Kona and Porshi.
“I have sung dual duet songs in a album, Orey Amar Ba(n)shiwala with Nancy as good as Bondhu tumi haraichho jey with Kona,” Wahid continued.
Also upon this entrance Eid, Habib’s fans will have a strain video of late Baul thespian Shah Abdul Karim’s strain Keno piriti barailare bondhu from Habib.
Speaking about a probable time for a recover of Kushumpurer Golpo, Wahid said,“ The movie is approaching to be expelled in Mar subsequent year. The shooting is starting upon in full pitch as good as you goal to recover it upon time.”
Kushumpurer Golpo is a really poignant step for Ferdous Wahid. This movie outlines his entrance as a filmmaker as good as Wahid has additionally finished a book and storyline for a movie.
About a tract of a movie, Wahid said, “Kushumpurer Golpo is fundamentally a adore story that takes place during a British Raj. The story revolves around a murder. The Zamindar of a encampment is brutally killed by his encourage son for a estate. However, a genuine successor to a estate of a slain Zamindar survives by using divided from home. He raises his family in exile. However, in an comical turn of fate, their children, unknowingly of a loathing between their parents, falls in adore as good as a story of a movie progresses forward” pronounced Wahid.
Asked about his branch to filmmaking, a singer-turned-director replied, “Sadly in a nation you see that towards a finish of one’s career, artistes are often lost or simply not dignified as they deserve. you incited to filmmaking given you longed for to give something latest to people.”
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