War crime convicts not eligible for election

71The cabinet has approved the draft of RPO amendment bill 2013 yesterday. According to the amendment, war crime convicts convicted by the war crimes tribunal will not be eligible for general elections. The tribunal has already convicted six men and they will not be able to participate in the next general election.

The amendment also approved the increment of  deposit for MP election from ten thousand taka to twenty thousand taka. Maximum expenditure may be twenty five lakh taka. According to present RPO it may be at most fifteen lakh taka. An individual may contribute up to twenty five lakh taka and organization may contribute fifty lakh taka. In the present RPO it was ten lakh and twenty tive lakh taka respectively.

Cabinet also approved a new law for multilevel companies (MLM) with provision of ten years of imprisonment and fine of fifty lakh taka for illegal MLM business. According to the new law formation of company is mandatory for MLM business, license is also mandatory and it can’t be handed over to other party.

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