Workshop emphasises concerted action to end poverty

The speakers during a daylong seminar in Rajshahi upon Thursday stressed accordant movement to develop
a condition of ultra bad people. There have been about 4 crores of people vital underneath misery line in a nation as well as it is not probable for a supervision to shift a incident in singular hand, they said.
Non-governmental organization BRAC organized a seminar upon purpose of bureaucratic as well as non-governmental organisations as well as polite Society to shift a hold up of ultra bad during a discussion room of Rajshahi emissary commissioner’s office.
Lawmaker Omar Faruk Chowdhury, as a arch guest, addressed a seminar which was presided over by Rajshahi emissary supervision official Delwar Bakht.
The seminar was addressed, between others, by one more district court Dewan Abdus Samad, one more emissary supervision official (revenue) Khandokar Mahbubur Rahman, one more emissary supervision official (general) Shikh Mujibor Rahman, one more emissary supervision official (education) Subol Bosh Moni as well as BRAC comparison amicable communicator Moshiur Rahman.
The speakers pronounced a common bid from opposite organisations could assistance shortening misery in a country.
Omar Faruk Chowdhury pronounced a benefaction supervision had already undertook multiform projects, together with One Family One Farm, to exterminate misery from a country.
He asked a emissary supervision official to franchise a supervision lands to a ultra bad people so which they can furnish food grains as well as favour fishes.

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