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508 government primary schools without headmaster


A total of 508 government primary educational institutions throughout Jessore section usually are going without the headmaster.

Besides, earnings of 693 threads of asst teacher usually are lying vacant in the district’s federal government key educational institutions regarding extended.

Consequently, educational pursuits throughout these kinds of companies will be really hampered while recruitment for you to these kinds of nonincome producing threads has continued stalled regarding unique problems.

Region Primary Knowledge office solutions claimed the actual nine upazilas on the section have a very overall of just one, 274 federal government key educational institutions, such as 600 which may have also been nationalised.

You will find there’s sanctioned publish of headmaster throughout all of the educational institutions nevertheless simply 766 advisors include appointed headmasters.

In Manirampur upazila, you’ll find 262 key educational institutions along with 65 advisors usually are jogging together with headmasters while there is no headmaster throughout 41 educational institutions throughout Keshabpur upazila, 22 educational institutions throughout Sadar upazila, 29 throughout

Bagharpara upazila, twenty-five throughout Chougaccha upazila, 12 throughout Jhikorgachha upazila, 22 throughout Abhaynagar upazila along with several throughout Sharsha upazila.

Aside from that, earnings of 693 threads of asst teacher usually are lying nonincome producing in the federal government key educational institutions on the section, that 155 are in Sadar upazila, fifty five throughout Manirampur upazila, 127 throughout Keshabpur upaizla, ninety throughout Chougachha upazila, 77 throughout Sharsha upazila, 65 throughout Abhaynagar upazila, 58 throughout Jhikargachha upazila along with 38 throughout Bagharpara upazila.

Subrata Kumar Banik, an official on the section key knowledge place of work, claimed 65 per cent threads on the federal government primary schools usually are filled up as a result of promotion as the relaxation thirty-five per cent as a result of recruitment.

He or she linked this kind of numerous threads of headmaster lying nonincome producing regarding extended towards the stoppage on the asst teachers’ promotion towards the publish of headmaster due to a case registered by the educators appointed below any task.

Besides, government entities has generated all 5 threads as an alternative to some throughout

the actual recently nationalised key educational institutions. Consequently, the volume of nonincome producing threads of asst teacher has risen additional.

“The authorities usually are very well conscious of the simple fact along with we’re positive how the federal government will take speedy phase for you to top off these kinds of nonincome producing threads, ” added in Subrata Kumar.

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