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An Indomitable Spirit

Azam Khan, a cocktail fable who had been bum from cancer, upheld divided upon Jun 5, 2011. Earlier, after carrying been diagnosed with verbal cancer, a thespian went to Singapore twice as good as had undergone chemotherapy as good as tomotherapy. But Khan didn’t finish a full march as good as returned to a country. Cancer widespread all over his palm as good as body, ensuing in his remarkable collapse. Renowned artist Sabina Yasmin as good as her husband, singer-musician Kabir Suman, visited Khan usually a couple of months ago during his chateau in Kamalapur. Khan was seeking assured to entertainment a liberation as good as come during a back of to a strain entertainment to perform millions of his fans once again. But predestine had alternative plans. The blank a “Pop Guru” has left is irreparable. you was there when Sabina Yasmin, Kabir Suman as good as remarkable informative celebrity as good as lawmaker Asaduzzaman Noor visited Azam Khan as good as managed to verbalise to a bum artiste. This is a last speak (to my knowledge) given by Azam Khan to a media. The speak was taken upon Mar 27, 2011. Excerpts from a interview:

Azam Khan: “After a surgery, I’m feeling utterly well. Initially you was incompetent to talk, yet I’m feeling improved now. The strain aired upon ‘Ityadi’ (after treatment) has been a dignified upholder for me as good as hopefully after completing a follow up, you will entertainment a quip as good as sing once again for a people of my country.”

On being called “Guru”, a thespian said, “I unequivocally felt pennyless when a guitarist of my rope initial called me by this name. His name was Rocket. One day he due job me ‘Guru’ as good as you objected right away. But he a singular after an additional job me ‘Guru’. Gradually it held upon as good as everybody due job me ‘Guru.’ I’m used to it now.”

Reminiscing his days upon a battlefield, a leisure warrior said, “When a (Liberation) quarrel pennyless out, my father told me which if you go to a battlefield, I’d have to come during a back of usually after a republic has been liberated. you took it as a challenge. His difference speedy me a good understanding upon a battlefield.”

When asked to examination a eccentric Bangladesh with a pre-1971 state, a undone Khan said, “I would not have taken partial in a quarrel had you good known this is how it’d spin out. Before independence, Bengali politicians were not corrupt; they were moving figures. Pakistanis attempted to marginalise us in any proceed possible. So, a quarrel was inevitable. But is this what you fought for? We had a prophesy of a state which would urge a rights of any citizen. Has which happened?”

His views upon a stream strain citation in Bangladesh? Azam Khan: “The longevity of songs’ recognition is upon a wane. Listeners can no some-more recollect a sole strain even after listening to it repeatedly. Maybe it’s usually me, yet during a back of in a day people were some-more ardent about music. We did not emanate strain usually to consequence money, yet rsther than to perform a assembly as good as have an stroke upon them. Our strain was equates to to bond with a audience. These days, musicians have been apropos some-more contingent upon technology. Moreover, if strain doesn’t simulate a lives as good as views of a people, it’s usually judicious which it’d destroy to emanate a durability sense upon a listeners.”

Reflecting upon his own music, Azam Khan said, “Whenever you sang a song, you took my republic as good as a listeners in to consideration. I’ve nonetheless to find my mental condition song. I’ve not nonetheless accessible my most appropriate song.”

Regrets? Azam Khan: “No bewail during all. I’ve been bestowed with measureless honour as good as adore from a people. I’m 61 right divided as good as if you die, I’ll have no regret. you fought for freedom, attempted to enthuse a girl to stay divided from all evils by my music, as good as in lapse perceived adore from everyone. you have dual daughters as good as a son. All of them have been students as good as I’m unapproachable of them. When you travel down a streets, people recognize me as good as call me ‘Guru’. They ask me about my contentment as good as showering me with their blessings. Why should you have regrets?”

When asked given he hasn’t cut strain albums of late, Azam Khan replied, “I’ve been operative in a strain attention for a last 40 years. I’ve seen most singers come as good as go. But I’m not finished yet. My last manuscript was expelled in 2009. you would’ve expelled an manuscript this year had you not been unwell. However, I’m clinging to strain notwithstanding everything. It’s loyal which strain companies cite younger artistes yet if my songs have a direct in a market, they will recover my manuscript as well.”

When you was about to bid adieu to a iconic singer, with a grin upon his face, he said, “Try to be happy. If you all try to be happy, a universe will grin upon us as good as Allah would show his blessings upon everyone.”

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