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City dwellers advised to stay home at thirty first night

DN-31stReckless driving by some drunks at thirty first night was common in Dhaka few years ago. Now the authority is cautious and takes various steps every year to check this.

Dhaka metropolitan police has advised the residents of the city to stay home at thirty first night. Extra force will be deployed to ensure law and order. There will be fourteen check posts around the city.

Vehicles will be controlled from 7pm to 5am at Dhaka University area and diplomatic zone. Residents are requested to reach home before 7pm. Bars are requested to close before 6pm on first December.

Police requested to abstain from fireworks and reckless driving. Hotels and clubs will arrange special New Year party. Guests are requested to park their vehicles at proper place.

However High Court gate and Nilkhet gate of the university area will remain open, on the other hand Kamal Ataturk Avenue will remain open for the entrance of diplomatic zone.

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