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Desh Bangla Theatre’s Chandalika to be staged during NSD festival

Desh Bangla Theatre will theatre a ultimate prolongation “Chandalika” during a legal holiday organised by India’s National School of Drama (NSD). The unit will theatre a fool around upon Jan eleven in Delhi.

“Chandalika”, an instrumentation of Rabindranath Tagore’s most renouned dance-drama with a same title, has been written as good as destined by Bivash Bishnu Chowdhury.

According to a unit sources, a 20-member group will leave a nation for India upon Jan 8.

“Chandalika” is a reverence to Rabindranath Tagore upon his 150th bieing born anniversary. The fool around perceived a accede to from a Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The fool around is a troupe’s 9th production.

“Chandalika” is a story of a reduce standing woman, Prokrity, whom aloft standing people have marked down “untouchable”. Prokity develops an ardour with a Buddhist monk, Ananda. The birth of a captivate can be traced during a behind of to an progressing situation where a priest was offering H2O by Prokrity.

Tagore blending a dance-drama from “Jatak”, a pick up of Buddhist stories. The strange story depicts how, carrying completed nirvana, Chandalika gives up her enterprise for Ananda. However, Tagore has not supposing a glance of Buddha or a prerequisite of appropriation obscurity in his play. His “Chandalika” is some-more strength as good as blood, as good as dramatic.

Apart from direction, Bivash Bishnu Chowdhury additionally written a set, light as good as costume. The expel includes Mahjebin Godhuli, Sharmin Sultana, Mukta Sarkar, Manik Sarkar, Rajkumar Paul, Kawsar Samad as good as Syamol Shishir.


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