Digital ICT fair 2009 starts at Dhaka

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Minister Abul Kalam Azad Inaugurating fair
Minister Abul Kalam Azad Inaugurating fair

Digital ICT fair 2009 started at Dhaka ECS computer city. The theme of this year is ‘Information Technology may become the weapon of changing lifestyle’.  This fair is one of the biggest technology fair of Bangladesh. The honorable minister of Information and cultural ministry Abul Kalam Azad inaugurated the fair yesterday. FBCCI president Anisul Haq, Chairman of SME foundation Aftabul Islam, president of Bangladesh shop owners association Amir Hossain was present as special guest in the opening ceremony.

Two visitor watching the products
Two visitor watching the products

Minister Abul Kalam Azad said, public and private sector should work all together to make the country into Digital Bangladesh. The technology should reach at the remote area of the country. The price of the technology product should be as lower as possible. The government is cordial enough to encourage the IT sector in Bangladesh. We also have taken some initiatives on the path of Digital Bangladesh. High tech Park, technology village are among those plan to be established very quickly.

President of business parliament Anisul Haq said, we could not think of the progress of technology even before twelve years ago. This sector has been changed so fast in our country. Now we can not think of a single day without technology. If the internet and software are stopped for only 3 days in whole world there will be a biggest disaster and it will results into such a global recession which will never be managed by anybody.

Chairman of Small and medium industries Aftabul Islam said, this technology revolution would have done before 15 years ago if the government of that period permitted the Sub marine cable. We the decision makers have done fault with our young generation. If we had our sub marine cable before 15 years ago we would advance our self for 15 years. We could give the job to unemployed people. Many of the young generation have gone to terrorism because of the curse of unemployment.

Different computer farms have given special offer for the customers. Some of the shops are giving 5-10 percent discount on their product. Some are give different prize with the products. Special arrangement of internet browsing and gaming is also managed by the fair committee. Fair committee also arranged some seminars, painting and debate competition to promote the ICT sector in Bangladesh.

The fair will be continued up to 15 November, 2009. Entrance ticket is taken 10 taka per head. The school students do not require buying ticket.

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    Dipa Dola says:

    I think, Digital ICT fair is now the vital weapon to flourish the Technology sector in Bangladesh. But two fair are being placed very quick time. So it might getting bore to the visitors. Also might get more interest to Tech.

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