Drug trade in Dhaka central jail

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JailPrisoners of Dhaka central jail are enjoying many facilities illegally. Some people are joking that prisoners get everything except their wife. Prisoners can use mobile phone and they are continuing their activities outside by mobile phone.

The alarming thing is drug trade has boomed in recent months as it’s a profitable business there. Drug price is double in jail. There are some reports that some jail guards are selling drugs to them. Relatives of the prisoners supply money to buy drug and some jail guards are giving the money to the inmates and they are taking some commission in the process. Some addict criminals are frequently arrested by police and get bail from court due to lack of evidence submitted by police.

These addicted criminals are the main customers. Yaba, Cannabis, heroin and many kinds of drugs are sold in jail. Some NGOs and World Bank have shown interest to offer psychological treatment for the addicts. Addicts are increasing HIV and other viral infections.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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