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Excerpts from Azam Khan’s final interview

When a (Liberation) fight pennyless out, my father told me which if you go to a battlefield, I’d have to come behind usually after a republic have been liberated. you took it as a challenge. His difference speedy me a good understanding upon a battlefield. At a Mela Ghar precision stay for Muktibahini, you as well as my associate leisure fighters could not keep a fad concealed. As distant as singing was concerned, it was accentuated by nationalistic fervour. We used to take up a tin plates as well as daub upon them with a songs. People from all over a barracks, together with a teachers of a interloper stay schools, came to attend or sing with us. I would not have taken partial in a fight had you well well known this is how it’d spin out. Before independence, Bengali politicians were not corrupt; they were moving figures. Pakistanis attempted to restrain us in each approach possible. So, a fight was inevitable. But is this what you fought for? We had a prophesy of a state which would defend a rights of each citizen. Has which happened? Maybe it’s only me, though behind in a day people were some-more ardent about music. We did not emanate strain only to consequence money, though rsther than to perform a assembly as well as have an stroke upon them. Whenever you sang a song, you took my nation as well as a listeners in to consideration. I’ve nonetheless to find my mental condition song. I’ve not nonetheless available my most appropriate song. I’ve been bestowed with measureless honour as well as adore from a people. you fought for freedom, attempted to enthuse a girl to stay divided from all evils by my music, as well as in lapse perceived adore from everyone.

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