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Five killed in Ctg structure fire

Four of a family as good as a done during home assistance suffocated to genocide early yesterday after a glow pennyless out in a structure in Chittagong’s Chandgaon area.

The glow originated from an electric reduced circuit during a dialect store upon a belligerent structure of a four-storey structure during about 2:45am, pronounced glow fighters.

Plumes of fume engulfed a complete structure after a CNG-run microbus hold glow inside a building’s garage subsequent to Bhai Bhai Department Store.

The victims have been Jaber Mohammad Iqbal, 32, senior manager military officer during Standard Bank’s Chowdhuryhat brach, Iqbal’s mom Tamanna Siddique, 25, his hermit Modasser Iqbal, 20, nephew Shaon, 8, as good as done during home assistance Rumi, 28. They have been from Kolaujan encampment in Chittagong.

The means of their genocide was transformation of thick fume which widespread quick to a tip floor, pronounced Jasim Uddin, emissary partner executive of Fire Service as good as Civil Defence (Chittagong Division).

Iqbal had been vital upon a tip structure of a structure “Masum Kutir” with his mom as good as dual younger brothers. His hermit Afran Iqbal, 11, as good as nephew Shaon came to revisit them after propagandize examinations.

Iqbal’s brothers Afran as good as Jubaer Iqbal, 28, transient a glow as they climbed down a structure from a patio regulating a square of a cloth.

On information, 5 fire-fighting units rushed to a symbol as good as put out a glow after a two-hour effort.

Jasim pronounced a thick fume got trapped inside a structure as a categorical embankment upon a belligerent structure as good as a doorway to a roof tiles were closed.

Smoke competence have widespread to a tip structure after Shaon, whose physique was found upon a staircase, non-stop a unit doorway to escape, Jasim said.

The bodies were sent to Chittagong Medical College Hospital where lamentation kin of a victims collected in a morning.

Hearing a news, Tamanna’s father Abdul Hannan Siddique rushed to a sanatorium from his encampment in Satkania upazila.

“My daughter was awaiting a kid subsequent month though all is accomplished now,” pronounced Hannan with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Tamanna, tyro of Economics during Haji Md Mohsin College, as good as Iqbal got tied together usually 10 months back, pronounced Hannan.

He pronounced Tamanna was sick as good as could not lay for a exam upon Jan 10 prior to master’s final year exams.

Her classmate Tanjina Nasrin, who went to a CMCH morgue, pronounced Tamanna was a bit unhappy for unwell to take a test. But she was really happy which she would be a mom soon.
College tyro Fahim, a reside upon a building’s initial floor, helped as most as seventeen people shun a fire.

He woke up to a sound of an blast during about 3:00am as good as ran to a kitchen to find out what happened. He saw a glow flaring up a dialect store upon a belligerent floor.

Fahim afterwards non-stop a unit doorway to get out though found a staircase filled with thick smoke. He close a door.

He woke up his family members as good as rushed to a patio upon a building’s front side. He called out a residence owners upon a second floor.

“All 9 members of my family climbed down by a adjoining tin-roof of an additional dialect store next to a garage. Six family members of a residence owners came down to a patio regulating a square of fine fine fine cloth as good as afterwards got down to a street,” he said.

“At which moment, you saw Iqbal’s dual brothers good for assistance during their balcony. We told them to stand down regulating a square of cloth.”

Iqbal’s younger brothers Jubaer, as good as Afran managed to stand down from third structure with their help, pronounced Fahim.


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