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Bangladesh Railway to make its own carriage.

In the colonial era local industries was destroyed by the rulers. They wanted to make their

colony as their market. After the liberation people expected promotion of local industries.

But it didn’t happen in all cases. There was a time when Bangladesh Railway produced its own

carriages. Canadian government even offered assistance to make locomotive for Bangladesh

railway with the facility to export them from Bangladeshi workshop. But Bangladesh govt.

refused the proposal for unknown reason.

In 1992 the govt. stopped production of rail carriage in Sayedpur workshop amid pressure

from donor groups. Railway bought carriage from various countries which was costly, created

pressure on foreign exchange. It would create some employments if the carriages were made


Now the govt. is planning to produce carriage from Sayedpur workshop again. Even donors are

supporting this. Railway will reopen its carriage construction shop, where already some

modern facilities are available.

BRTC workshop also produced buses, but now govt. likes to import. Question is what govt.

will do for buses?

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