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Fresh investigation against private mobile operators

There was a time when only state owned BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited)

had the international gateway for international cal. Then BTCL used satellite base stations

to transfer international calls. Bangladesh connected to long waited submarine cable but

BTCL was the only authority to handle international calls. Private operators needed to make

their international calls via BTCL controlled international gateway for their subscribers.

That was the only legal way, but very costly.

Some groups including mobile operators used internet to transfer international calls. Many

operators made agreement with foreign operators to transfer international calls. In simple

words they bypassed the BTCL gateway.

Now situation has changed there is other company who has the legal international gateway.

But it is still illegal to bypass the gateways. Bangladesh government has been saying that

they will legalize the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Many companies have been doing VOIP business; last military backed caretaker government

fined some companies for that. But they continued to do that. There is allegation that even

the state owned Telephone Company BTCL and mobile operator Teletalk have been involved with


Now the Bangladesh Telephone Regulatory Commission has launched an investigation committee

to find out the culprits precisely. Though the government is planning to legalize VOIP, but

it is illegal to do it without license. Now it’s time to see whether the committee submits

the report or they pray for more time.

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