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Halal tourism is getting momentum

Halal tourism is becoming popular day by day. Halal tourism is simply avoiding some activities during a tour which are prohibited in Islam. Muslims around the world are becoming more conscious about which is approved in Islam and which is not. Financial ability of this community around the world are also increasing. These are the driving forces behind the rising demand of halal tourism. A recent report by New York Times said, number of Muslim tourists has increased by 30 percent after 2016. Muslim tourisms may contribute 300 million dollar in next decade.
Halal tourism includes avoiding nude beach and maintaining Islamic dress code. That means not wearing swimsuits like bikini. Separate facilities for men and women in swimming pool, facilities for prayer five times in day, Iftar facilities during fasting month and avoiding alcoholic drinks are also part of Halal tourism.
Halal tourism is also getting momentum is Buddhists dominated countries where Muslims are usually oppressed. Companies like Booking.com, TripAdvisor have also launched dedicated platform for Halal tourism and it will have a significant impact on world economy in near future.

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