Indian cattle trader arrested again

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India Bangladesh border is one of the bloodiest borders in the world, where the Indian border guard continuing their target practice when they see any Bangladeshi unarmed civilians in the border.

Illegal cross border trading is a common phenomenon all over the world. The border guards held the intruders and follow due legal procedures. But India Bangladesh border is unique, where the Indian borders like to shoot the intruders.  In their word intruders are obviously criminal.

Human right activists have always been terming this as extra judicial killing.
On the other hand BSF counterpart BGB say they never shoot intruders, they always follow due process.

Some hardcore leaders have been demanding counter fire by Bangladeshi border guards.
It seems BGB is not doing it. Two Indian cattle traders were held by Indian cattle traders yesterday, and the Bangladeshi borders guard submitted them to local Thana.
Afsar Ali, 23 and Ahafikul Alam 20, of Paschimbanga state illegally entered into Bangladesh, they were arrested by BGB near pillar number three of Main Pillar Number 957 of Kurigram district.

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