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Mango diplomacy continues from Bangladesh

Bangladesh government has sent one thousand kilograms of mangoes to the prime minister’s office of Pakistan. Bangladesh High Commission in Pakistan has delivered this one thousand kilogram mangoes to Pakistan prime minister’s office as a symbol of friendship. In recent days, Bangladesh has sent mangoes to the head of governments of various South Asian nations. Some provincial governments of India were also on this list.

Diplomatic analysts have termed this as mango diplomacy. But political views among Bangladeshis are deeply divided. Some sections have criticized this move. They think, because of the 1971 war, we should continue to hate Pakistan. But there are some sections among general people and analysts who believe, as Pakistan is a South Asian country, we should have a better diplomatic relationship with them. Diplomatic relation is a dynamic matter, it is never stuck in a single incident. USA became independent with a bloody war with the UK, but now they are one of the closest nations in terms of diplomatic relations.

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