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Mitigating malnutrition necessary to become middle income country by 2021

malnutritionHalving the incidence of hunger was among the millennium development goals which are to be met by 2015. Bangladesh is among the twenty countries who have already met that goal. But Bangladesh is dreaming to become a middle income country by 2021, which will be the golden anniversary of the country. This target has some obstacles.

Healthy citizens are the key to build a healthy nation. Nutrition still remains far dream. Rural people of the country still depend too much on rice for dietary energy supply. About two and half crore people suffer from malnutrition. Nutrition is still a big concern for children under five.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), says, Bangladesh need to diversify food items. Food items like fruit, vegetables, edible oil and protein from animal sources are not accessible to many poor Bangladeshis. Many people are getting foods but they are not getting enough. They are suffering from chronic hunger.

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