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Six months have passed after the tragic Rana Plaza collapse

rana-plazaBangladeshi print and electronic media, labor rights organizations have been looking back to the largest industrial accident in the history of Bangladesh as six months have passed today. Rana Plaza collapse is also recorded as one of the largest industrial accident in the world.

At least one thousand one hundred and thirty two people were died in this tragic accident. This building was built on wet land and it had permission to build up to fifth floor. But they built up to eighth floor and construction work of ninth floor was going on. They even didn’t meet the standard from the engineering point of view. Thin columns and substandard construction materials were used there. Crack developed on the day before the tragic collapse. But workers were forced to join on that day.

What was the consequence of the collapse? In fact nothing. The government and some other organizations have given some money to the victims. But the compensation issue is still being ignored. Garment factory workers were the main victims. But garment factory owner’s association and the western buyers virtually remaining silent.

Some western buyers have pledged to pay compensation. But majority of the workers still to get it. On the other hand factory owners are trying to describe the money given by the government as compensation.

Bangladesh relies so much on garment sector. If the factories are closed, many poor Bangladeshi women will lose their job. This is why local and international labor rights organizations have been emphasizing on proper monitoring of the factories.

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