Mixed knowledge for statue makers

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Artisans intent in creation idols for Durga Puja have been bustling completing assorted sorts of idols for their clients.

The latest Biswakarma Puja, hold fifteen days prior to Durga Puja, was additionally a bustling duration for a artisans.

The idols will be phony a week prior to a celebrations. The artisans operative here supply their product to their clients in as well as outward a district together with Sherpur, Tangail, Jamalpur as well as Gaibandha.

The artisans have been upbeat this year as a sale cost of an statue has augmenting from Taka 2000 to Taka 5,000 according to size, pronounced a workers adding a series of puja mondops has additionally augmenting in a district this year, assuring them of a in accord with income.

Joyonta, a obvious statue builder during Jubilee Ghat in a town, says he has orders for twelve idols this year as well as he along with 7 alternative workers have been operative in cold blood to finish them.

Smilingly, he says he has got orders from vital puja mondops together with Daal Patti, Jilapi Patti, Biswanath Mandhir, District Transport Owners Association as well as Raghunath Geur Akhara, a many charming mandops in town. However, a miss of workers seems to be throwing a check upon a statue builder as a ultimate era is demure to come in in to this profession. Moreover, a cost of inputs for a idols has augmenting manifold.

The artisans have appealed to a administration department department for comparison places to go on their work turn a year. The severe continue in latest months additionally hampered a work this year.

The puja authorities meanwhile, appear to be some-more optimistic. Shankar Saha, organising cabinet member of District Puja Udjapon Parishad forked out which a little 650 puja mondops will be set up in a district this year, an enlarge of 50 mandops from a previous. The administration department department is monitoring a workplaces of a artisans, pronounced Badhan Kumar Goshwami, boss of a parishad.


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