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Nipah virus threat

Usually when a Nipah virus infected bat drinks raw date, the raw date becomes a source of

Nipah virus for men. Bat’s saliva and urine transmits the virus. Bangladeshis like to drink

raw date in the winter. It seems impossible to change the habit. Boiled date juice doesn’t

transmit the disease.

When a man becomes infected he makes other people infected. In fact an infected person

shouldn’t share bed and foods with others and others should maintain at least three feet

distance from them.

According to Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research report Nipah virus

related death rate is increasing. It was 73 percent till 2007 and 89 percent from 2008 till

date. Now it is nearing 100 percent.

Experts are saying that now awareness might be the key. Boiled juice is safe; this virus

becomes ineffective in high temperature. So raw date may be healthy, but not healthy any

more due to Nipah virus.

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