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Out break of lung-diseases

Season is changing, cold air started to blow. Along came lung diseases. Common cold, flu (influenza), cough, pneumonia are common now a days. But more severe viral infection of lungs caused even death. Particularly, the death toll of children in similar diseases in Chittagong  Medical College Hospital is high. 28 children died in a week.

The arrangement for the treatment in government hospitals is not sufficient. Seats are limited. The ratio of admitted children is double to three times. In Chittagong Medical College the ratio is three times than capacity. Two children are sharing the same bed. Many are on the floor of the hospital. Service is hampered due to limited number of nurses and doctors in government medical hospitals.

The reason of many of the deaths is admission into hospitals at a later stage of the infections. Lack of proper awareness among the mass people is another reason for such incidents.

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