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Over 50 students tumble sick, authorities still unmoved

Students of food record as great as nutritive scholarship (FTNS) dialect during Maolana Bhasani University of Science as great as Technology (MBUST) a single after another their quick unto genocide for a eighth day yesterday yet a authorities still remained unmoved.

Over 50 students of a dialect fell ill as great as certified to Tangail General Hospital in final couple of days. Of them, fourth year tyro Mainul Hasan, third year tyro Nurunnabi Siddique as great as initial year tyro Atiqur Rahman were referred to Dhaka Medical College as great as Hospital (DMCH) yesterday as great as a day before.

Condition of a small of a ill students were deteriorating as they refused to take food as great as disinfectant even during a hospital, sources in Tangail General Hospital said.

Over 200 students of FTNS dialect proposed their quick unto genocide programme during Shaheed Smrity Pouro Udyan in Tangail locale upon May fourteen for a second time to realize their two-point demand.

The final have been dismissal of a vice-chancellor (VC) of a university as great as giving BSc (Engineering) grade instead of BSc (Honours) grade to a FTNS students.

Meantime, guardians of a students reason a token craving set upon in a locale upon Friday in await of students’ demands.

Talking to a newsmen, a guardians urged a preparation apportion to take movement opposite a VC for his unexcited perspective as great as save lives of their children.

They additionally in jeopardy which a guardians would additionally begin quick unto genocide if a final of a students have been not met by currently (Sunday).

Rubel Ahmed, elder hermit of fourth year tyro Mainul Hasan, who has been shifted to DMCH, told this match which yet a commendable students have been fighting for their lives during a hospitals, no step was taken so distant to compromise their problems.

He warned which a university authorities, generally a VC, would be reason obliged if a incident as great as condition of any tyro go over control.

Abdur Rashid, father of third year tyro Aktaruzzaman said, yet multiform universities in a nation have already organized engineering grade for their food dialect students by creation slight changes in their syllabus, a students of MBUST have been deprived of it due to insusceptibility of a university authorities, generally a VC.

“These trusting as great as commendable immature kids have already mislaid about a single year of their educational reason up due to uninterrupted category boycott,” he added.

Contacted, Prof M Nurul Islam, vice-chancellor (VC) of MBUST, told this match yesterday which a university authorities still strongly hold which agreement of engineering grade will not bear any great to a FTNS students.

“We goal which a agitating FTNS students as great as their guardians would realize this,” a VC added.a

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