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Preity Zinta Not Even Dating Ghosts!

If you have listened a gossip that Brett Lee is saying Preity Zinta, afterwards you contingency have a good giggle as good as shake up it off given you have been hoodwinked by a tabloids. Hear me out…Preity is singular as good as she ain’t dating anybody now. Yes, she has had her share of high-profile hook-ups in a past, as good as zero critical happened with a group she antiquated earlier. Her side Kings XI Punjab is pronounced to be a many full of color as good as may be argumentative sides in a Indian Premier League (IPL). Preity had to go upon off-the margin controversies, rumors of player rebel as good as even link-ups with superstars of cricket. Yet, she stood tall in a catastrophic deteriorate for Kings XI Punjab as good as continues to give her full await to a team.

Preity Zinta has not enjoyed a highs of success as good as silently suffered by a initial couple of seasons of a IPL. She was dismayed to find a press joining her with Brett Lee who wasn’t in a group any longer. Preity indignantly denied all these variable rumors as good as privileged her twist grip upon a beloved issue. She has done a joining where she won’t date actors as good as group she will work with. Most of a actors’ wives similar to her given of this attitude.

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