Ranatunga fired from Sri Lanka Cricket

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Any cricketer will say test cricket is the real cricket. If one wants to see the beauty of cricket, he should watch test cricket. Cricket is known as gentleman’s game. But it seems situation is changing so quickly.

Test cricket demands patience from spectators and players both. On the other hand one day cricket is full of excitement. But in recent years one day cricket was also failing to attract crowd. Thus a new form of cricket twenty-twenty cricket was invented.

BCCI started Indian premier league (IPL), which is a twenty-twenty tournament drew huge attention among top cricketers of the world. Many class cricketers retired early only to play IPL. Because, IPL gives them much more money than regular cricket.

Even ICC was forced to make a window for IPL so that top players can play IPL.

But head of Sri Lanka cricket Ranatunga couldn’t accept this. He tried to force Sri Lankan cricketers to play for a test series in England during IPL. BCCI was bothered by the move. A dialogue between Sri Lanka cricket and BCCI failed. There is rumor that BCCI forced Sri Lankan sports ministry to remove Ranatunga, who has joined to Sri Lankan opposition party recently.

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