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Indian films do not give the true picture

Bollywood based Indian film industry is the largest in the Indian subcontinent. Indian films are also very popular in many countries outside India. But there was always a question that whether these highly commercialized Indian films reflect true India. These films are full of song and dance by some popular artists. The story is also commercially motivated. The producers and directors concentrate on stars not on story.

Ashim Ahluwalia is a 40 year old Indian film maker, his recent film Miss Lovely has been selected for the 65th Cannes International film festival, which will begin on 16th may. The post production of the film is not completed yet. The jury selected the film only by watching the rough cut. According to Ashim Ahluwalia this film is not like other Indian song and dance film.

Ashim Ahluwalia says he will never be a part of Bollywood. He thinks Bollywood does not reflect either rural or urban India.

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