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Shah Rukh Khan was Sonam’s first love

Sonam is a self-confessed romantic and admits that love is extremely important to her. “It makes the world go round. Today, in a world that’s being driven insane by terror attacks, corruption and natural calamities, love should be everywhere,” she asserts.
The actor says that she’s been in
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love many times, adding that the heart has a huge capacity to love. “Cupid struck when I was eight years old. And my first love was Shah Rukh Khan,” she laughs. “My dream date would involve eating and drinking wine in a library. I love libraries.”
Her love epic, Mausam, is coming up for release and Sonam’s favourite romantic moment from it is a dance sequence with Shahid Kapoor. “I was wearing this beautiful gown and dancing with the best dancer. I felt like Cinderella,” she smiles.

There has been constant media speculation about a rift with co-star Shahid Kapoor. There were even reports of Sonam walking out of the sets and dad Anil Kapoor having to intervene and get her to return. “Why would my dad speak up for me?” she snaps. “And if I walked out of the sets, how come I’m still in the movie? These stories are just put up by the media.”

Two days ago, at the film’s music success party, Sonam was all praise for Mausam’s music score. “Though I wasn’t instrumental in creating it, I love every song. They strike the right chord with you. The music is always on loop in my car and I listen to it even when I am at home. My callertune is also a song from one of my film,” says the actor, who listens to varied genres and artists. “Bollywood classics, pop, Rihanna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley .. I can go on and on

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