Shahara group to invest in Bangladesh

According to the wiki leaks leaked documents, Indian high commissioner in Bangladesh expressed his satisfaction to the US ambassador in Dhaka after getting election result, where the AL won. The Indian high commissioner hoped that now the Indian companies and business groups will be able to invest in Bangladesh.

The TATA group tried to invest in Bangladesh, but after a long negotiation they decided not to invest in Bangladesh. After the TATA group another business giant of India Shahara group is planning to invest in Bangladesh. According to Indian media report Shahara group is going to invest Rs 800 billion in housing sector. They have chosen 40 square kilometers of land near the capital.

Shahara group’s chairman Subrata Roy, his wife Swapna Roy and 20 more officials are visiting Dhaka now. Actually Subrata Roy is from Bikrampur of Bangladesh. Subrata Roy’s family was migrated to India during the separation in 1947. Shahara group is the second largest employer in India after the Indian railway.

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