Six young women rescued from Union Parishad chairman owned house

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brothelSix young women were rescued from a Union Parishad chairman owned house at a remote village of Joypurhat on the day before Eid ul Azha. These young women were held for about two years and forced for prostitution in the house. That chairman is an influential figure of the village. Locals suspected the matter before but they were silent because of his power.

But police officials are astonished to find the brothel in the house of a chairman. That chairman Sekandor Ali has six wives and police managed to arrest four of them. The chairman managed to flee.

Those young women were kept in a secret compartment of the house. That compartment of seven to eight square feet was disguised by double wall and had one door. That door was covered by a shelf. At first police failed to find the secret compartment. But they searched again because they had confirmed information.

A woman held there tactfully contacted to her family using a mobile phone of a customer of the brothel. Later they contacted police and police raided the house. Those women were kept in that secret compartment and taken to other compartment when customer came.

Now those women are taken to a safe home of Rajshahi.

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