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Students are using Facebook like language in exam

Nowadays students are writing and reading more Facebook status than books. It is affecting their linguistic skills. Usually teenagers use short form of words and spelling mistake is very common in Facebook arena.
Today’s students don’t spend much time for reading books. Instead of that they are spending time on Facebook and Facebook like social networking sites. They are not familiar with standard writing style, many students do not know the correct spelling.
After analyzing nearly four thousand answer sheets, school teachers of Malta have categorically blamed Facebook for the recent devastating exam result by the students of the country. Even the students who managed higher grade have shown weakness in spelling. For example they were asked to write: ‘Mother’s Day Hospital’. They wrote: Mater Dei Hospital’, because students use this type of spelling on Facebook.
Teachers and educationalists are saying, now the students will need to work hard for making themselves ready for higher education. Students must avoid the influence of Facebook because this type of spelling and writing style is not acceptable for exam answer sheet.

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