BGB observation tower construction work by Indian counterpart

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The Indian Border Security Force, BSF considers the India-Bangladesh border as one of most crime prone border areas and taken ‘shoot on sight’ policy. They have put fencing and built high observation towers in many areas. They have also included camera and flood lights in those towers.

Many villagers residing in border areas complain that they find it difficult to sleep at night because of those high intensity flood light.

In this situation, the Bangladeshi Border Guard, BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) have decided to build observation towers in some border areas. BGB says, they are building the towers in conform to international laws.

But the Indian border guard, BSF is not happy with that. Construction work of an observation in Benapol was abandoned after threat from Indian border guards. Today a flag meeting between BGB and BSF was ended without decision.

Local BGB commander said they will build the tower after resolution of the matter and headquarters will work on that.

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