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Students failed in two subjects can enrol in class IX

The category VIII students who catastrophic in dual subjects in a lass Junior School Certificate (JSC) as well as Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations can enrol in category IX this year.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid done a proclamation during a press lecture during a secretariat yesterday, observant a value can be enjoyed usually this year.

“The students catastrophic in any dual subjects have been right away authorised to get enrolled in category IX usually for this time. But, they have to pass in those subjects in a subsequent JSC or JDC exams scheduled for Nov 1, 2011.”

“If they destroy again in those subjects, their acknowledgment in category IX will be cancelled.” He pronounced a catastrophic students will be authorised to get purebred in category IX usually on flitting in a dual subjects.

Nahid explained, “A vast series of students who catastrophic in a exams competence feel disheartened to go on their examine as well as competence get forsaken out. We wish to keep them so they can go on their studies.”

He pronounced a students had no knowledge as well as example of a open hearing either, as a exams were hold for a initial time.

A sum of 10,20,047 students — 8,22,275 from schools as well as 1,97,772 from madrasas — upheld a examinations. Some 13,96,599 students of both a ubiquitous schools as well as madrasa took a exams.

The apportion pronounced many of over 3 lakh students who came out catastrophic catastrophic in English as well as Mathematics.

Dhaka Board Chairman Prof Fahim Khatun pronounced around 3,82,918 students catastrophic in English as well as Mathematics in JSC hearing alone. Some 58,136 students catastrophic in Science. In JDC about 28,431 students catastrophic in these dual subjects, she said.

The preparation apportion pronounced  students catastrophic in some-more than dual subjects will lay for a subsequent JSC or JDC exams as strange examinees. His method will examine to find out the reasons at a back of a failure, he added.

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