Sunny Leone’s image changing mission

Sunny-LeoneIt seems actress Sunny Leone is trying to change her image. She started her career in porn industry, became a porn star. But later she joined main stream showbiz industry.

She grew up in India but her family was moved to USA when she was thirteen. She has Canadian and American dual citizenship and expressed her interest to be an Indian. After some successful appearances in adult films she was approached by Indian director Mahesh Bhatt. She started playing Hindi film. But she was continuing sensual roles.

Now she has decided to go for action film. ‘Tina and Lolo’ is her latest film where she will be seen in heavy duty action scenes. Boxing champion Terry Norris is training her to make ready for action. She has also learnt riding bike and shooting with gun for gunfight.

But Sunny Leone will also be seen in intimate and appealing scene in the upcoming film. So get ready for action girl and some sensual scenes!

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