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Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce

FBCCI warns of liquidity crisis

The due bill might emanate a liquidity predicament in a promissory note zone due to a over-reliance upon done during home borrowing for implementing a annual expansion programme, a FBCCI pronounced yesterday. “If a supervision borrows hugely for implementing a ADP, a industrial zone will not get sufficient loans from a promissory note system, which […]

FBCCI urges BNP to repel hartal

Country’s peak traffic body, a Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce as great as Industry (FBCCI), Friday urged a made during home antithesis to call off a Jun 5 hartal called by BNP as great as Jamaat over caretaker-government issue. The defence from a blurb operation village came from a press discussion reason during a […]

More businesses opposite CT govt

Seventy-two some-more businesses have come up in foster of repealing a caretaker supervision provision, says FBCCI. The FBCCI (Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce as well as Industries) in a press recover upon Thursday pronounced a traffic bodies lucky a clever as well as eccentric Election Commission instead of caretaker governments. On Wednesday, a FBCCI […]

Businesses for strong, giveaway EC

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce as well as Industry (FBCCI) as well as twenty-three alternative heading commercial operation bodies yesterday in a corner matter upheld strengthening a choosing elect instead of handing over energy to a caretaker supervision for land a subsequent ubiquitous election. “We titillate all a domestic parties to strech a accord […]