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The Dhaka Stock Exchange

Stocks thrust during commencement of trade

Dhaka: Stocks during a country’s premier bourse, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), plunged in a early hours’ trade upon Tuesday induction a tumble of over 144 points during 12:15 pm. The DSE ubiquitous index, DGEN came down to 5374.30 points display 2.61 percent or 144.54 points decrease during 12:15 pm today. The pass index mislaid 14.54 […]

Stocks up during opening

Share prices during a country’s dual premier bourses showed uptrend as a day’s trade began upon Monday. The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) ubiquitous index gained 171.70 points or 2.96 percent to 5956.66 during about 1:00pm. Of a 251 issues traded by then, 247 advanced, 1 declined as good as 3 remained unchanged. Meanwhile, Chittagong Stock […]

DSE posts favoured gain

Investors upheld an additional distressing day upon Thursday, a last trade day of a week, as Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) saw a slight gain. The DSE pass index DGEN gained usually 5.77 points or 0.09 per cent to tighten during 5966.51 during a finish of a day’s four-hour session. The pass index of a country’s […]

DSE waver dashes investors’ hope

Investors’ early hopes driven by a receiving flight citation in a sunrise got dashed as a Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) plunged again upon Wednesday, losing over 94 points. The country’s premier bourse confirmed a uptrend in a initial dual hours posting a benefit of over twelve points compartment 1pm, though dipped in a third hour […]

Steep tumble in batch prices

Stock investors voiced upon Monday which it would criticism trade during a Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) tomorrow protesting a country’s both stock’s downward spiral. The index strew 97.11 points or 1.61 per cent to 5920.84 points. Meanwhile, An puncture assembly in in in in in between DSE as great as a Securities as great as […]

Stocks nosedive again

After Monday’s pointy gain, share prices during Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) plunged again upon Tuesday yet a turnover done a slight gain. The day’s turnover was available Tk 501 crore opposite Monday’s turnover of Tk 495 crore. The turnover was over Tk 560 crore upon Sunday. The single-day turnover stood during Tk 618.68 crore upon […]

Stocks benefit after 2-week downturn

Dhaka, August 8: Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) arch Shakil Rizvi’s idea which the collateral marketplace is tighten to creation the U-turn, after dual weeks of downturns, seems to be entrance loyal as prices of many shares have modernized during the budding bourse of the country. Of the 256 issues which altered hands upon Monday, 227 […]

Stocks: the week in red ink

Dhaka bonds declined 4.98 percent final week, triggered by be scared sell-offs. Fears of the serve marketplace tumble ran low in in between investors. The benchmark ubiquitous index, DGEN of DSE, sealed during 6,259 points, after disappearing 327.91 points for outrageous sell-offs. In an try to move some-more fortify to the market, the Security as […]

DSE turnover hits highest

Dhaka bonds rallied for the third true eventuality upon Thursday with turnover attack Tk 19.0 billion after eight-month as investors, who sojourn sideline after ultimate share-market disturbance began to lapse to the market. The benchmark DSE General Index (DGEN), the categorical sign of the marketplace went up 41.88 points or 0.63 per cent to tighten […]

Trade in bonds online: MSA as great as introduced

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) introduced much-awaited web-based trade with partial of server focus (MSA) as great as for piloting prior to introducing a jot down rigourously in September. Dhaka Stock Exchange President Shakil Rizvi rigourously inaugurated a web-based trade during a duty in a DSE precision room upon Wednesday afternoon. The boss of a categorical […]

GP pulls DSE up

Dhaka bonds rose neatly Tuesday, upheld by integrate of certain headlines upon encouragement of paid-up collateral of monetary institutions as great as better-than-expected half-yearly monetary reports of Grameenphone (GP). The DSE General Index (DGEN), a market’s categorical yardstick, gained 101 points or 1.55 per cent to tighten during 6587.58, carried by GP, a most weighted […]

Stocks pass 4 bullish weeks

Stocks gained for the fourth week with tall turnover due to active appearance of tiny as great as institutional investors as great as the probability of an augmenting influx of income in to the market. The benchmark ubiquitous index, DGEN, gained 4.22 percent or 266 points, to finish the week during 6,578. The thirty-six-inch ruler […]

Dhaka collection passes bullish week

The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) gifted bullish mood for the third uninterrupted week that finished Thursday, as both indices as great as turnover grew remarkably. During the week, the DSE General Index (DGEN), the market’s yardstick, rose 194.57 points or 3.18 per cent to tighten during 6311.80, receiving the 3 weeks complete climb to 9.27 […]

DGEN hits 11-week high

Stocks accomplished a week upon a expansive note upon Thursday, pulling a benchmark index DGEN to set upon an 11-week tall as investors a singular after an additional to conflict definitely to a government’s budgetary measures. Dispelling a regard of deteriorating activities between republic far-reaching 48-hour set upon which accomplished upon a day, a marketplace […]

Stocks surge, turnover hits three-month high

Dhaka bonds surged upon Wednesday with turnover attack thee-month tall in between ongoing 48-hour countrywide set upon called by a BNP-led antithesis party. The benchmark DSE General Index (DGEN) was up by 78 points or 1.27 per cent to tighten during 6243, carried by banks, mutual supports as good as monetary institutions. Investors’ appearance augmenting […]