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Tareque and Catherine Masud movie retrospective in Dhaka

A three-day programme of screening 4 drive-in theatre by Tareque as good as Catherine Masud will be reason during a Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre in Gulshan in Dhaka. Everyday a screening will ensue during 6:30pm. The Indian high elect in Dhaka will organize a movie retrospective programme to compensate loyalty to a remarkable filmmaker, Tareque Masud, who was killed in a comfortless highway collision upon Aug 13. Tareque Masud’s widow, Catherine Masud, in addition a filmmaker, will be benefaction during a coronation of a programme during 6:30pm upon Oct 13, pronounced a organisers. The coronation will be followed by a screening of ‘Naroshundor’ (15 mins) as good as ‘Muktir Gaan’ (75 mins). The screening of ‘Matir Moina’ (95 mins) as good as ‘Runway’ (90 mins) will be reason upon Oct twenty as good as twenty-seven respectively. The drive-in theatre will be screened in a DVD format upon a large screen. No call in pass is indispensable during a show. The Indian high elect upon their website compensate reverence to a defunct filmmaker, saying, ‘Tareque Masud will be longed for perpetually in a story of Bangladesh films, generally given he had a lot some-more to apportion to cinematography of this country

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