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Textbooks to strech students upon time


With 8 days left to begin a giveaway distribution, roughly all a textbooks for initial as good as delegate students have already reached to upazilas.

Around 97 percent of some-more than 10.35 crore initial as good as 98 percent of a tiny 11.78 crore delegate textbooks have been printed as good as sent to upazilas compartment yesterday, National Curriculum as good as Textbook Board stats show.

Last year, a supervision sent usually 83 percent initial as good as 95 percent delegate books to upazilas by this time.

“This is a third time you have been you do a pursuit as good as you have been assured which you will be means to do a pursuit prior to a stipulated time notwithstanding many challenges,” Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid told that yesterday.

He pronounced starting a charge progressing as good as a past gifted helped swell this year.

“Like final year, you will comply Jan 1 as Textbook Festival Day as good as a students who will go to schools which sunrise will lapse home with a set of latest textbooks,” he said.

Nahid pronounced given of a giveaway text distribution, a schools begin their classes upon a really quick day of their educational eventuality as good as tyro enrolment has left up.

“There is zero to be concerned about textbooks. Almost all a books have reached upazilas as per demand,” NCTB Chairman Prof Mostafa Kamal Uddin told that.

The routine began in as early as April, creation a vast charge of copy as good as delivering books easier. Last year, they had proposed a work in July, he said.

Besides, printers have been promulgation a books without check to upazilas this year to palliate a distribution. Last year, a books were initial sent to districts as good as a district preparation offices afterwards sent those to upazilas as good as it was time consuming.

The supervision has directed during distributing some-more than 22.12 crore textbooks to over 3 crore students of initial (class I-V), delegate (VI-X), ebtedai (primary turn of madrasa) as good as dakhil (secondary turn of madrasa) as good as vocational classes of 2012 educational session.

The NCTB, district as good as upazila preparation offices have been operative round-the-clock to have a devise a success.

However, around 50 lakh initial textbooks have been nonetheless to strech upazilas.

A internal copy organisation which won a stipulate for a tiny 2.22 crore initial books is nonetheless to broach around twenty lakh copies as good as a tiny 30-35 lakh copies printed in India have been watchful during Benapole pier to come in a country, pronounced NCTB sources.

The internal printer, Sarkar Group, had so distant delivered a tiny 2.02 crore copies notwithstanding their deadline was lengthened multiform times, sources said.

Abu Naser Dulal, a single of a owners of a group, claimed they had already sent 2.07 crore textbooks as good as rest would be delivered by Dec 28.

“We have been delivering books each day,” he told that.

Asked about a delay, he pronounced all a initial books have been four-coloured as good as a record to imitation a books is latest here.

This year, a work of copy initial books was awarded by ubiquitous tender. Three Indian printers won a stipulate for a tiny 2.89 crore copies whilst sixteen internal organisations got a rest.

A bulk share of books from India has already reached upazilas as good as a 30-35 lakh books will begin entering a republic currently or tomorrow, pronounced Prof Mostofa Kamal Uddin.

“We goal a books will be nearing in a republic inside of dual or 3 days. On arrival, a books will be without check sent to upazilas of Barisal multiplication which so distant got a slightest series of copies,” he said.

In 2009, a supervision motionless to yield initial as good as delegate students with giveaway textbooks during a really commencement of a educational session.

The prior governments used to give giveaway textbooks usually to initial students whilst delegate students had to buy their books. But a students would frequency get those even good in to a initial entertain of an educational eventuality due to an synthetic predicament combined allegedly by a associate of printers as good as supervision officials.

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