Thousands of women to replace their breast implants

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Breast implantation is a common procedure used in the western world; even some Bangladeshi luxurious hospitals are offering this. Women have opted for breast implantation only for cosmetic reason; they reshaped and augmented their breasts in spite of health risks. A French breast implant maker Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) have been supplying silicone made breast implants. It is alleged that they have used low grade silicon. Its founder Jean-Claude Mas was arrested and later released on bail of $130,000.

According to primary report it is known up to four lakh women may have taken their implants. This news has created panic among many women who have taken this.

Now many hospitals of Europe are offering free removal of those implants. Those who have taken it in 2006 of after 2006 they will have free replacement. But those who have taken it before 2006 they will not get free replacement, so they will need to pay if they want to keep their breasts shape appealing!

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