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Voter list to be updated from March

Present election commission decided to stick at one voter list when they took office. They abandoned the previous trend to make a new voter list in every five year. At that time a young man may be needed to wait even for five years to enlist himself in voter list, because new voter list is made in every five year.

But according to the new electoral law there will be only one voter list for the country and that will be updated in every January. There was no update in last two years. New update work will be started from the 10th March next.  It will be a year long process, which will be done in three phases and then there will be a new election commission at that time. The present election commission is it trying to do some ground work for the next commission.

In a press conference by a commission member, newsmen was also briefed that the present commission is now proposing to amend the existing electoral law where the election will be able to update the voter list in any suitable time of a year.

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