UK Undergraduate Tuition Fees At Least £6,000 From 2012

Government’s access regulator came to know that all universities intend to charge at least £6,000 a year.  The Office for Fair Access (Offa) announced that all the 123 universities and unicersity colleges aim to charge £6,000 or more to full time undergraduate students from autumn 2012.

The average fee of those that have made their plans public currently stands at £8,629.73. Some 49 of the 73 universities intend to charge a flat rate of £9,000. Some 56 institutions intend to charge £9,000 for at least some of its courses.

MPs voted in December to raise tuition fees for full-time undergraduates from £3,350 a year to £6,000 in 2012 and up to £9,000 in “exceptional cases”.

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